Saturday, May 10, 2008


Need I write more? There's one word that inspires so many images and attitudes.

I was raised under "old school" style. Our school had 40 kids per teacher, 1 teacher's aide for 6 grades, and the special ed department was a chair by the water fountain.

So when I started teaching this past fall it was a major shock. Cell phones and MP3 players are thought to be absolute necessities. So, I asked, "Since you all listen to music, how many play an instrument?" NONE!

They are fasinated with old songs from the 70s and 80s. They are amazed when I know the lyrics as I remember the songs on the school bus radio.

Their attitude that the world will magically support all their needs without work is troubling to me. How will they survive when they are set free from parental support to minimum wage jobs?
How will they respond when they have hungry little children depending on them?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

People in Heaven!

My neighbor died today. She was 56. She never smoked, drank, and walked about 2 miles a day. May God give her peace and a happy homecoming!

It made me think that life is too short to worry about every little thing. So, I won't see her walking past my drive and have an occasional chat. We won't make any plans for walks we never had time to take because of lawnmowing.

I think I'll let the grass grow this week and take a walk with her spirit. Someday, she and I will take that walk on streets of gold!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spaghetti is NOT Finger Food!

And other misuses of common sense.

I thought of this book title as I was kneeling on the floor at Mama Melrose's at MGM Studios in Walt Disney World. After failing to "sweep" daintily with the little broom and dustpan, I was using a utility towel to attempt to pick up the small, squished pieces of pasta. There, it occurred to me how many times common sense is not used.

When I had a restaurant in the picturesque, quaint town of Orleans, IN, I remember my father and I down on our knees picking up individual curds of cottage cheese as to not be smashed and rubbed in by the vacuum cleaner. Then there was the finger painting with a green bean on the high chair tray. Oh. Should I forget red Jello? Hello. It was in a cup, and Bill Cosby was no where to be seen.

That scenario was in the 1990s. To date, common sense is still being utilized. Take the political campaign for 2008. It started at the end of 2006. Shouldn't there be a law that you can only campaign in the same year as the election? And where is Bill Clinton? Is he still in the doghouse, tail and all? (RIP to Buddy the First Dog) Speaking of the doghouse, what about Obama's preacher? Is he a riot or what? Like we all haven't sat through sermons when we really wanted to scream but chose to be "politically correct"?

Now, Barbara Walters reveals her affair. Oh, please. Like we all want to picture that. Does this mean she'll be wrapped in a sheet in Vanity Fair like Miley Cyrus? Speaking of Miley Montana, if it's not clothing, don't get photographed in it. (I'd have shots like that except it wouldn't fit on a 52" widescreen TV in HDTV -- whatever the heck that is.)

So, with that out of my system, do you have any misuses of common sense to post?

Thanks to my cousin Marty who inspired me to blog. He's younger (in dog years ) than me, and I figured this is cheaper than therapy.

Next time: Teenagers of Today.